A morning met Francis and Nynke

I met Francis and Nynke in Utrecht to take photos of their new office and their daily work.


When life transforms, it is easy to get lost in thoughts but we need to find the courage becoming our own master

Yoga with Shimi

I had the pleasure to take pictures of the fantastic Utrecht-Based Yoga teacher Shimi this summer.


There is high confidence about the correct perception out there bur sparkles blind and we bear the risk that reality might tur


Often we feel superior but we're depending on the grace of the others. When normality becomes the exception, the exception bec


The human being is not designed to live as a hermit - we are dependent on the existence of others in our lives.


It might be those little escapes that enable us to bare with the stories hiding behind our happy faces.

Floating with the others

One might come to the assumption that there is nothing more important in life than differentiate from the others, but ...


There might come a point in life where there is simply nothing left to say ...

Making progress

Progress equals change and changes demand to give up a cozy seat. When we alter, we shift away from the known...

Big city life

This contemporary catalyst for seeming progress grows endlessly within an endless space.

The others

It might be a wise move if we start talking to each other instead of about the others.

Facade engineering

We invest a lot in our appearance but the neatest facade will also crumble.


When you plan the unreachable there will be always the ones telling you to give up.


It is up to us to handle the reflection of our action and the only way of avoiding so, is running as fast as possible.


Minutes of sereneness.


There comes the point one cannot stop the march of time.

The plot of life

While traveling through what we call life, we wander through an unwritten plot.