There is an ancient mechanism in us: it’s called fear, and we fear it.

Let’s be honest; there might be none of us that can call himself “completely fearless”. One can have a positive attitude towards it, as it might, for instance, prevent from unpleasant experiences if one is afraid or aware of the fact that meeting a car face-to-face on the street is frightening.

Obviously, this fear had a significant impact on the human survival until today. Its effects on other elements of modern life make it a suppressed problem for many.

We’re taught to fear. Behind every corner of human life, we assume the enemy. Where there is a trigger, there is a reaction, and so we respond within intense emotionality. Within all of these stressful feelings which guide us, we learn to fear even more. A self-made vicious circle.

Throughout we are drowning our freedom in favor of irrationalism, we do not understand that some “fears” might be smaller and less scary if one makes an effort and takes just a closer look.







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