The human being is not designed to live as a hermit – we are dependent on the existence of others in our lives. 

Finding the right people to surround us is quite a tricky and possibly a life-long task. We need to invest time and energy until we can figure out if it is worthy or not. We are obliged to discover whether our vis-à-vis will also stand at our side in the dark times, how serious they are and if we can trust them?

For a working relationship, trust is mandatory. In order to build it up, we put ourselves in a status in which we assume to be almost as crucial for the life of the others as they are for themselves. We hypothesize that they would make an effort to bring a smile to our lips when we are depressed, that they would make sacrifices to help us and that they would carry us on their shoulders if we could not walk anymore.

Probably, we would come from the conclusion that all of our “extraordinary people” would fulfill the favorable characteristics which we attribute to a working relationship because, in the end, it was us, that believe to be in the right position, who decided whom to let in the exclusive circle.

The truth is that the world is full of people with empty words who promise whatever suits the situation and their own best interest. They hide behind their invisible masks and adjust their behavior whenever it is needed to get their benefit. They laugh with us, chill or party with us – but they are the quickest to run away the moment life becomes a bit more complicated. To understand that we were outsmarted and rapidly replaced hurts even more.

But as severe and painful these experiences are, they also show us who really cares and sometimes it can be surprising who unexpectedly shows up to comfort us while we are licking our wounds.





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