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By: Ido Biran

By: Ido Biran – documentary photography by Stefanie Pietschmann.

One night back in 2009, I decided to go for a walk. For some reason I started taking pictures with my cell phone and shortly after, I realized that this was fun for me.  As time went by, I continued with my mobile photography but realized that this wasn’t enough for me anymore. I bought an SLR camera and started working on my skills in an autodidact way.

And here I am eight years later and not a bit less in love with my passion photography. During the last years, I was able to improve my skill set, to present my work in several exhibitions in Europe and Israel, realize my projects like “Urban Diversity” and see my photography in several media.

My work aims to show a counter-horizon to a society that seems to have aspired to perfection. I  want to give items, places, and people which appear to be underrepresented, seen from an odd angle or simply aren’t honored the possibility to be seen and explored by others in a framework which very often includes a written interaction with the subject or a connected topic. The breaking up of the self-understanding of impeccability – an unvarnished view of the world from an oblique angle.

By: Ido Biran

Exhibitions and documentaries

  • April – July 2017, My Tel Aviv – Group exhibition, Prima Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • 2016, Portfolio Photography – 3D Modeler M. Bachar (Israel)
  • November 2014, “Urban Diversity” – exhibition, מזא”ה 9 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April 2014, Urban Diversity – photography project (Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem, Israel)
  • 2014, Kit und Klampfe – Artwork for Album (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2014, “בית חם” – Documentary of social and youth center (Lod, Israel)
  • 2014, M.A.U.G. – Artwork for the magazine (Germany)