documentary photographer


Sometimes, it is bound to happen that I find myself in a busy place - finding answers to reach a decision.


When convincing voices fall silent, the convention’s content becomes an indistinct empty bubble ...


I felt incredible when I remembered the sacred moments that gave me wings to fly on the tender clouds of euphoria. Soon, I rea


There is high confidence about the correct perception out there bur sparkles blind and we bear the risk that reality might tur


For just a few moments I give myself up to this pureness: The radiant glow of colors, the fresh ...


Life is moving, and we hit the hay if we suspect it will make an exception for us.


Forlornness - a wasteland which prevents anything to see the light of day but there is a glimpse of the will to live paving it


We we forget that its depiction is always depending on the point from which we look at it.


We are in the misery of making free choices in a limited spectrum...


We like to complain about the obstacles in our life but ironically, we value the beauty of their diversity...


It might be those little escapes that enable us to bare with the stories hiding behind our happy faces.


Events might be forgotten over time but they still shape what they surround.


When it feels like losing the ground below the feet ...


There is a high possibility that a fresh perspective changes the now ...

Grey monotony

The destruction of the colors of life makes the world a gray monotony.


As the overflow of daily life drains us, it might be a good idea to take some time off and just enjoy the sound of nothingness

Nur Liebesbriefe

Modern media tremendously simplifies our life but the experience of opening an envelope sent with love is irreplaceable.


Every aspect of being is part of a tightly knitted network which determines how we live.