Sometimes, it is bound to happen that I find myself in a busy place - finding answers to reach a decision.


Often we feel superior but we're depending on the grace of the others. When normality becomes the exception, the exception bec


We like to complain about the obstacles in our life but ironically, we value the beauty of their diversity...


It might be those little escapes that enable us to bare with the stories hiding behind our happy faces.


There is a high possibility that a fresh perspective changes the now ...


Every aspect of being is part of a tightly knitted network which determines how we live.


All of us are affected by the things thwarted on our way, but the art lies in ...

Making progress

Progress equals change and changes demand to give up a cozy seat. When we alter, we shift away from the known...


We describe the beauty of nature by its diversity.


Breaking through our painstakingly built frames.


It is up to us to handle the reflection of our action and the only way of avoiding so, is running as fast as possible.

White noise

The speed of modern life is aggressive - it pulls, pushes and spits.


Culture is how you live.

A moment in time

It can take a long journey to finally find a place in life to simply let go.

Sequestered life

A time-out in loneliness, vastness, and silence might be the answer to find inner peace, but sometimes these beauties hide a b

Intoxicated II

City life often is a synonym for living in surrounding of streets and other houses, made of concrete. - Urban garden

A still life in Ein Gedi

From time immemorial, nature manages to surprise humanity by offering life in a surrounding which seems to be a syno


I have never been extremely interested in nature photography but started to get in touch with the topic more and mor