Sometimes, it is bound to happen that I find myself in a busy place - finding answers to reach a decision.


Events might be forgotten over time but they still shape what they surround.


We are surrounded by endless opportunities offering an unsure outcome.


Settling promotes a feeling of security - we annex and decorate a place to find shelter, to make us feel comfortable and ...

Exhibition – ‘White City in Full Color’

I participate in the exhibition »White City in Full Color« in Tel Aviv.


Ways to communicate.


When urban space is noticed to be designable.

Give it a try

Sometimes the Sky brightens and the gray, dark and dirty facade break up

The plot of life

While traveling through what we call life, we wander through an unwritten plot.

A private dancer

As the party should never end, some tend to look for another place to digest what they just experienced in the last hours.

The beauty of little things

In recent times, we are buying new things faster and are kindly encouraged to speed up with our shopping. By values,

Intoxicated – The life of a plant

Humans like to design, to shape and to adjust things according to their ideas, needs and imagination. But also we ha

Intoxicated II

City life often is a synonym for living in surrounding of streets and other houses, made of concrete. - Urban garden


I have never been extremely interested in nature photography but started to get in touch with the topic more and mor