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A better perspective at Ayalon Highway

Stefanie Pietschmann - Storytelling Photography - Ayalon Motorway - Yom Kippur - Israel - Tel Aviv - better perspective

A better perspective

Some times are more demanding than others. While striving to meet these challenges as best as possible, you can quickly reach your limits – feeling lost in the rush of fragility.

And it is at some times, kicking yourself out of darkness is the only solution for progress. But for reaching this better perspective, perseverance is mandatory.

I took this photo in September 2021. You can see the Ayalon Highway crossing Tel Aviv. The Ayalon Highway is usually very – and during the rush hour extremly busy because it connects the coastal towns of the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv. This photo shows how empty the street looks on the highest Jewish holiday “Yom Kippur”. Usually, there is almost no traffic on the streets, and therefore pedestrians, cyclists, and skateboarders use the streets for their pleasure.



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