A brief moment

Finding the ability to deal with the essential things is a tough task if there is too much movement involved. That is because they often only come to mind when everything else is out of reach. Thus it is frequently the unexpected brief moments that cause us to pay attention to them.

In this such a moment of standstill, some thoughts come, others go, and only a few will stay. Today, I keep thinking of you. As the setting sun warms my face this late afternoon, I remember how much it incites me whenever you talk about what is moving you. Shining eyes underline the beauty of this excitement, which is certainly not a matter of course. Thinking of you fills me with happiness, gratitude, and joy.

Although it is only a brief moment, it contains probably the most fulfilling thoughts of my day. As I become aware of how unique this short break is, my thoughts slowly start to wander again. Hence, my mind slowly picks up everything that appeared to be significant before. With a joyful smile on my face, I continue my way until the next time the essential catches my attention.



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