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A day at the beach (summer in Tel Aviv)

A day at the beach (summer in Tel Aviv) Stefanie Pietschmann- A day at the beach in Tel Aviv - Israel - summer - photography

A day at the beach

As I take one step in front of the other, I feel the sea is very close. Slowly the view on the horizon becomes bigger until it forms a beautiful and inviting panorama. The lapping of the waves creates a soothing sound. Slowly but surely, it becomes this day’s soundtrack while I am immersing myself in the scenery on this day at the beach.

The stress and dynamics of everyday life gradually fade away and leave me with a moment to be. This day at the beach is like a short vacation. I relax, recharge my batteries, and simply do nothing.

Once I return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the panoramic picture, the sound of the waves, and the smell of the sea continue to accompany me and still put a smile on my face to this day.

Summer in Tel Aviv

I took this photo in late September 2022 in Tel Aviv. You can see people enjoying a warm late summer day at the beach that stretches across the city. The city is famous for its beachside, which currently underwent considerable reconstruction. It now offers many more sports facilities, shade structures, and places the public can use for free. 



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