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A little more patience at Amsterdam Rijnkanaal

Stefanie Pietschmann - patience - Amsterdam Rhein Kanal - Rijnknaal canal - Netherlands

A little more patience

The chilly wind blows around my ears while I still quarrel with myself as the cold does not precisely feel inviting. Despite a lack of motivation, I continue to move on – one foot in front of the other. Meanwhile, the gentle evening sun touches my cold skin and slowly but surely warms it up.

Today was an exhausting day. But lately, many days feel like this. They drain because they consist day in, day out of the same processes, the same few people, and the same desperate longing for change. And although the transformation is within reach, it is still unattainable, and that frustrates.

Every feeling has its right to exist, but their balance is crucial. Since frustration already got enough attention, I continue the way of distraction. After a while, there is no reason to wriggle out anymore, and I feel that things start to ease up while I go with the flow.

Although my surrounding doesn’t look like it yet, I start realizing the smell of spring in the air. A reminder that things don’t always look like what they are and that my days could be easier with a little more patience.

I took this photo in March 2021. You can see the beautiful colors of the sunset over the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal in the east of Amsterdam. The canal exists since the 1950ies to offer more possibilities for shipping. 



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