A photography morning met Francis and Nynke

A morning in Utrecht

I met Francis Meijners some months ago for the first time. Over time, we had many interesting conversations about the world and his wife. So, I also told her about my love for documentary photography and what in detail I am doing. 

One day, she told me that she had finally found her first office in Utrecht for her business met Francis and how exciting that was. Since working alone very often lacks a bit of the social factor, and she did not want to be the only one in the new space. For this reason, the website designer Nynke Kloppenburg joined her. 

Since this is something to celebrate, Francis booked me for my documentary photography. She asked me to take pictures of her and Nynke in their new workspace and while they are performing their daily work. Francis is running a business called “Met Francis” and offers internet marketing solutions. Nynke also works as a freelancer (Nynek).


Photoshoot on Utrecht

And so it happend that we met one day in September 2019. I came to their office in Leidsche Rijn and took photos of their beautiful office and them doing what they would do daily. The one and a half hours that this photography shoot took went by super quickly. It was a very pleasant experience that I enjoyed very much.

And on top of everything, we enjoyed a delicious and fun brunch after all this work. 





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