Modern humans often tend to disappear in abundance. With a lot of effort, they try to meet the endless requirements which guide their reality. Yet this tugging on all sides with its social pressure and individual demands often lead to a downfall. Thus, the feeling of losing the ground gets in the lead – a snapshot of the modern time being.

One might quickly get the impression that this set-up of priorities is an undeniable truth in which general satisfaction represents the personal aspiration. However, there is no written law for a dogma of meeting all expectations. Yet, we tie up ourselves to not disappoint anyone – a snapshot of the personal time being.

When the head starts to swim, the view becomes cloudy, and the surroundings’ noise makes it impossible to hear oneself, it might be the right occasion for taking a break. In such, time is often of the essence as it offers the chance of finding oneself. In these pure moments of intimacy in silence, pure existence is enough – a snapshot of the sheer time being.



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