A trip to memories

Various thoughts are constantly floating around in our heads. Yet, some of them have an imposing feature: They take their owners on a journey to a safe place back in time – a trip to good memories. In this world, all focus is on the past. Consequently, the plot is already predetermined, and surprises are rare. At this destination, everything always stays the same no matter how much the present has changed. Thus, one meets the same people in the same situations and with the same feelings.
Because one is still being busy wiping the dust off these past events, it is often hard to notice the amount of comfort and serenity this protected environment offers. And so one can sit back, relax, and enjoy this trip to memories while the old movie runs in front of the inner eye.
When looking back, some things always symbolize one of these unique places. But before it is clear, the pictures of this journey slowly but surely become blurred once more because presence only temporarily vanished into thin air.



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