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A year in storytelling photography from August to December 2022

A year in storytelling photography

2022 has been a busy year in terms of photography and storytelling. I spend way more time taking and editing photos as well as writing. Hence, I wanted to share some of the recordings with you and show you some pictures of these sceneries. This clip shows images from August to December 2022. 

After my vacation in July, I went back home full of energy. Amsterdam and the Netherlands are fantastic places to see in summer; hence, I spend a lot of time in and around the city. Besides the green leaves and warm temperatures, there is also daylight until very late in summer, which makes it even more convenient to stay outside. Also, I used this time to cycle to one of the city’s beaches.  

Later, I went to the UK, where I spent time in Manchester and Bradford, as well as the Yorkshire countryside. Then, there was a short visit to the northern German city of Bremen before I went back for another three weeks to Tel Aviv in September. I spent a lot of time taking photos of the modern and Bauhaus architecture and enjoying cycling on the motorways in Yom Kippur. 

When coming back to the Netherlands, autumn was already fully there. Hence, I took some nice shots of Amsterdam, which also made it into the Amsterdam calendar. Later, I went to the UK again and visited Germany’s Harz mountains just to finish the year in Amsterdam. 




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