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A year in storytelling photography from January to July 2022

A year in storytelling photography

2022 has been a busy year in terms of photography and storytelling. I spend way more time taking and editing photos as well as writing. Hence, I wanted to share some of the recordings with you and show you some pictures of these sceneries. This clip shows images from January to July 2022.

Last year started in Amsterdam with the annual Amsterdam light festival. In early 2022, I also went for several photo tours in the city center of Amsterdam. Some of these images also made it into the new Amsterdam calendar 2023. After that, I spent two weeks in Tel Aviv in March, where I went for several photo tours inside the city and in the Negev Desert, which is extremely beautiful in spring.

When I returned to Amsterdam, the weather was already really nice, and everything finally started to become green again. Hence, I took my bike and checked out the Polder north of Amsterdam, the city’s parks (e.g., Flevopark and Westerpark), and Amsterdam’s city center in spring. Also, I went to the famous Keukenhof to see the flowering seasons of primary tulips.

In July, I finally went to Portugal to spend my vacation for the 4th time at the Boom festival. Since this festival was delayed because of the global pandemic, this edition was the greatest.



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