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Aiming for big ambitions at the Haarba’a towers (Tel Aviv)

Tel Aviv - Sarona - Haarba'a towers - architecture modern housing - Tel Aviv - Israel Aiming for big ambitions at the Haarba'a towers (Tel Aviv)

Aiming for big ambitions

When many small ideas come together, there is great potential for something big to arise. The problem, however, is that you often aim for big ambitions too quickly. While the thoughts still build castles in the air, the first fantasies are shattered by reality.

Events come thick and fast if there is a lack of time to think them through. While it is essential to keep the goal in mind, it is fatal to forget what it needs to get there. Therefore, it is crucial not to lose sight of the big picture when aiming for big ambitions that also succeed.

Haarba’a towers in Tel Aviv’s Sarona quarter

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see the Haarba’a towers in Tel Aviv at the blue hour. The towers are part of the Sharona area. This part of the city got a complete makeover during the last couple of years and is now famous for its food markets and expensive shopping venues. Besides, there are many high-rise houses with offices and flats inside. Besides, there are still houses of the former German Templers that settled there almost 200 years ago.



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