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Amidst greenery in a Dutch forest

Amidst greenery - Dutch forest Stefanie Pietschmann- forest Netherlands beerschoten de bilt

Amidst greenery

Currently, there is not too much room to experience. And so, it stands to reason that the available places appear double as attractive. That’s why recently, many find themselves amidst greenery more often.

And so I slowly started moving too — one foot in front of the other. I immerse myself in the atmosphere of this forest that previously served me so many times. Just an hour ago, the rain left its water over this beautiful piece of the land. Because of this, I can luckily enjoy the clean and fresh air and the washed green.

Slowly, I roam the forest paths. At the moment, they still look pretty tousled and naked, battered by the winter – a bit like current life. Nothing is forever: as much as this place is already working hard towards the blooming season, reality will also gain back its vivid colors.

I took this photo in Winter 2021. You can see a classical Dutch forest and people enjoying its atmosphere during a lockdown. This forest’s name is “Panbos,” and it is next to the small Utrecht suburb “De Bilt”.



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