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Amsterdam Calendar 2022 by local artist (A4)

Artist - Stefanie Pietschmann Amsterdam Calendar 2022 local artist A4

Amsterdam on your walls in 2022​

In love with the Venice of the North? Enjoy Amsterdam’s beauty next year with my new Amsterdam calendar 2022 and a special view of the city from a local artist.

Each month shows a different aspect of the city in all 4 seasons. In addition, you can always find the location under each photo. I took all of the photos for this calendar in 2021.

The wall calendar has one page for each month. Your calendar is months are printed on double-sided to save paper and to protect the environment. The paper is 250 gsm / 100 lb and is semi-glossy silk. In addition, there is a hanging hook.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contacting me. 

January 2022 (Ruyschstraat)

Shortly after moving to Amsterdam in February 2021, there was a week full of snow. This is somewhat unusual as the temperatures are mostly too warm for the snow to stay. However, I used the time and went for plenty of walks to better understand the city and enjoy the white treasure. Of course, I could not leave the house without my camera, so luckily I could take this photo.
You can see the snowy Ruyschstrart in Amsterdam in which the typical Dutch bikes are parked. Besides, many other people make their way through this urban winter landscape.

Up to date, I have not published this image on my blog.

February 2022 (Bloemenmarkt)​

Early in 2021, there were a few special days in Amsterdam – snow had covered the city under a layer of frozen water. Then this specific sunny day came, and it was too inviting, so I had to go for a walk to enjoy it. At one point, I reached the famous Amsterdam flower market. The combination of the cool blue of winter and the sun’s warm colors together with the crows flying over the still partly frozen canal impressed me, and thus I took this photo.


March 2022 (Amstelpark)​

In the transition phase between winter and spring 2021, one extremely promising day presented a preview of what was soon to come. People were all over the city because the long winter had made them long for sun and being outside. Since I felt the same, I went to Amstelpark for the first time, where I took this photo. Of course, there is always more to say so don’t miss the whole story of “A way to go”. 


April 2022 (Martelaarsgracht)​

I took this photo in spring 2021 in Amsterdam’s city center. You can see the iconic Dutch tulips that the Netherlands are so famous for. I loved the contrast between the colors of the flowers and the green of the leaves, so I could not hesitate to take a picture of this beautiful bouquet.
I published this photo in November 2021 as “The vivid colors of life”.

May 2022 (Lozingskanaal)​

I took this photo in June 2021 in Amsterdam. In this photo, you can see the magic sky over the Loozingskanaal in Amsterdam Oost. I was fascinated by the play of colors and the light. 

I published this photo in July 2021 as “Magic moments”.

June (Wijttenbachstraat)​

In spring 2021, I was walking home and luckily had my camera with me because I would have been unfortunate not to have captured this scene. I liked the beautiful colors of the flowers, the reflection in the handlebars, and the rust’s contrast to this beauty. Check out the whole story about “Carefree land”.


July 2022 (Prinsengracht)​

This photo shows a classical Dutch houseboat in a Gracht in Amsterdam. These days, the number of boats allowed to reside in the city is limited and therefore, there is a higher demand than supply. I took this photo in July 2021 and published it as “Comfort space” in August 2021.

August 2022 (NDSM-Werf)​

I took this photo in Summer 2021 at the NDSM-Werf in Amsterdam noord. This place once was a shipyard, but today, you can find a lot of street art, ateliers, coffee places, and flea markets.
I have published this photo as “Talking observers” in July 2021.

September 2022 (De Duif)​

I took this photo in July 2021 at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. You can see a houseboat in front of the building “De Duif”. This is a former church that today is used for events.

I have published this photo as “A summer day in Amsterdam” in October 2021.

October 2022 (Amstel)​

This photo shows typical houses in Amsterdam. The houses are situated in “Amstel” which is directly situated at the Amstel river in the city center.
The iconic Dutch houses stand on wooden poles that are surrounded by water and mud. Because of this, the constructions move and as a consequence, the houses become crooked. These days, the declining water levels cause major problems to the city and its buildings.

This photo has not been published on my blog yet and an article is still to come.

November 2022 (Daniël Stalpertstraat)​

After I had moved to Amsterdam, I was (and still am) very keen on getting to know the city. For me, the best possibility to do is by walk the streets. This way, it is possible to stop, change paths and stumble over unexpected surprises. This is exactly what happened with this motive.

While walking around, I suddenly stood in front of this beautiful facade and could not resist taking a photo of it.
I published this photo in March 2021 as “Making an effort”.

December 2022 (Vondelpark)​

The last photo of the Amsterdam calendar 2022 shows the snowy Vondelpark. This park is ought to be the most famous one since it is situated in a very central part of the city and therefore, you can usually find many tourists there.
I took this photo when there was a lockdown which is why many people went outside despite the cold to enjoy the snow and do ice-skating.

This photo has not been published on my blog yet and an article is still to come.



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