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An unexpected getaway (Sluishuis in Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann, Sluishuis, Amsterdam architecture, Amsterdam photography, Sony Alpha, city scape

An unexpected getaway

When everyday life revolves around itself for too long, it’s time to bring a little variety into the routine. Hence, reaching for the big things immediately is tempting, but mostly they take time to implement. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t allow yourself a little adventure.

There is often no need to go so far and find a place that breaks the cycle of individual routines. However, the extraordinary things in your field of vision frequently get lost in the presence of what you already know, and that’s why you stop looking more attentively.

However, taking a closer look is worth it because you might get surprised by an unexpected getaway.

Sluishuis in Amsterdam

I took this photo in January 2023 on a sunny and mild winter day. The “Sluishuis” is a modern architectural building in the very east of the Dutch capital that has just been recently finished. It is surrounded by water. With its geometrical and symmetrical architecture, it stands out in its surrounding. The Netherlands host many modern and experimental buildings that are very interesting, though most of them might be in Rotterdam. This picture shows you the view from the roof of this building. You can also see the residential area of Amsterdam Ijburg, which consists of entirely newly constructed artificial islands built in the last few years.



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