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Apple trees on a day in autumn

Apple trees on a day in autumn - Stefanie Pietschmann - - Apple tree in summer - Germany - Autumn apple tree

Apple trees on a day in autumn

Today is a special day because we can spend it together. It certainly has been a long time, and thus, we are pretty excited. We quickly forget the longing and worries which we’ve been paying so much attention to lately. Soon we digress from one topic to another because too much is still untold.

Today is a pretty day because we chose to enjoy it together. We start to go for a walk on a rocky path, cutting through harvested wheat fields. As the mild sun rays of this early autumn day still warm our faces, we share what moves us.

Today is a marvelous day because it causes so much joy. Suddenly, while we are walking, apple trees of all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes start lining up next to us. We don’t hesitate for too long and start filling the little bag we had with us. Though that is fun, we soon need to strike out for home. For a moment, time did not matter.

I took this photo in autumn 2020. You can see apple trees on a field in Germany with ripe fruits on it that are just waiting for being picked. 



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