I have been often visiting HHaBimaabima Theatre (Tel Aviv). To be honest I have never been inside and I am actually more interested in the place that is in front and the little park that is next to it. The reason is simple: First of all I am more interested into the conception of public spaces and their impact and second I prefer taking photos of things that may be man made and still tries to be natural. Most places are in a surrounding which cannot be controlled and/or guided by the people who planed the place I am taking the pictures of.

I am pretty much fascinated by this area and place. It has its own atmosphere and the first time one goes there, two things will appear in ones perception: Flatness and the contrast of height. The place in front of the theatre has kind of stone tiles on its floor. Everything being build in the centre is kind of inserted in the underground: the mini park which plays classical music, the basin, the underground parking and the public shelter. In contrast to that, everything that is situated at the sides was build way higher – working as a kind of border for the place (entrance to underground parking, stature and buildings).

If one goes just a little bit further, one can immediately realize that there is kind of another small park HaBimainserted in between all of the buildings. It is integrated in a concrete construction which is also full of angles and geometrical forms.

And why does all o this fascinate me so much? Well, this is a place which is 100% planned by humans, a place of concrete, mathematics and without any contingency. It seems emotionless, clear, empty, fading.

City people want their “green” – their piece of wannabe nature to breath the polluted air while sitting under a tree. The absurd idea of the creation of these two completely planned and non natural green areas – except of the fact there are plants and trees – to give their visitors the feeling of leaving the city. They take their time to relax and escape the horror of every day metropolis jungle, while sitting 500m away from the next big junction.The analytically planned, alleged “nature spot” is trying to be pressed into the shape of human thinking and construction ideas … and for some weird reason this is still  being connected to the words: nature, relax and parks.



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