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The attempt of planning on an autumn day

autumn day - The attempt of planning - Stefanie Pietschmann - autumn leaves - Netherlands - trees -2020

The attempt of planning

When creating ideas, extraordinary obstacles barely make it into the planning process. No wonder, as they usually form the surprises that come across on the way. Indeed, it is challenging to predict everything, and admittedly life would be a bit boring if we could do so. 

Thus it happened that the current time turned out to be different in uncountable ways for all of us. Plans changed, reality shifted, and almost nothing is the same now as it was before. Though there is a constant attempt to tie this current dynamic in a stiff corset of new plans, it becomes repeatedly apparent that this is doomed to failure. 

Life has changed in so many different ways, while the circle of nature has shown itself to be unimpressed. It dutifully continued with what it always does. I look jealously at this progression because I finally understand how time has fled, even though it has lately felt like it never went on.

Whereas everything outside is preparing to work towards next year’s plans, many feel stuck in a never-ending time loop. But planning is still a tricky venture. So it might be a good idea to loosen up the tight corset a bit in which the current world does not fit any longer as otherwise, finding a space for oneself will be a challenging effort.

I took this photo in the second half of 2020 on a beautiful autumn day in the forest forest in “De Bilt” (Netherlands).



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