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The beauty of diversity (Holocaust Monument Amsterdam)

The beauty of diversity (Holocaust Monument Amsterdam) - Stefanie Pietschmann - photography - Nationaal Holocaust Namenmonument - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The beauty of diversity

The beauty of existence is based on its diversity. As growth is difficult if everything always is the same, consistently getting the identical low impulses only serves the common need to underpin the already existing image. However, if everything is gray in gray, it does not make life colorful – but uniform and gloomy.

Development means finding the courage to look at things from a different perspective. One needs to see what is in the hold-up mirror to reflect and break the tunnel vision of the borders that only exist because you allow them. Yet uniformity is rarely willing to do so – a difficult standstill.

There is a necessity for diversity if you want to grow with each other to undergo the full beauty of existence.

The Holocaust Monument in Amsterdam

The Dutch king inaugurated the Holocaust Monument in Amsterdam in September 2021. Its design is in the form of the Hebrew word לזכר (in Memory of). On the bricks of the walls, one can see 102.000 names of the murdered Dutch Jews and Sinti. One can also see their age next to their date of birth. Because of its form and the endless rows of names, one quickly gets lost in an overload of information. This place can feel like a labyrinth in which one can spend a lot of time. The entrance is free. 



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