Stefanie Pietschmann- Flevopark- Amsterdam - Flevopark - disconnected

Being disconnected at Flevopark

Though humans are no hermits, spending time with oneself is a crucial thing to do. However, as there is a constant something or somebody that vies for attention, it isn’t easy to assert yourself and create personal space.

The next invitation for drifting away is always not long in coming. Because of the constant fear of missing out, there is little time left in the end. Yet, this personal time is elementary as otherwise, it is easy to lose yourself sooner or later.

However, if you invest the time, you quickly realize that the constant fear of missing out on something is utter nonsense. Because after being disconnected, not too much had happened except that you might have come to terms with yourself.

I took this photo in the summer of 2021. You can see a partly destroyed platform from which you can enjoy the view on the “Nieuwe Diep” in Flevopark. This park is in the very east of the city center. It directly borders the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal – an important waterway for inland navigation.



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