windmills netherlands - Being tall yet feeling small - zaanse schans - Netherlands - Stefanie Pietschmann

Being tall yet feeling small

Regardless of whether one admits it or not, everybody has a critical inner voice. Now and then, it takes the reins in its hand and guides into a collection of feelings, which in most cases are not particularly pleasant.

It causes the weird feeling of intimidation by its size and, while doing so, slowly rubs someone’s nose in why these feelings ought to be justified: There is always bigger, better, and sort of more. Though for some aspects this seems to be completely okay, for others, it causes great unrest and the feeling of being too small.

Frequently, it sweeps everything under the carpet in which we usually excel when stepping into the trap of comparison. In fact, it leaves behind a wasteland with the dominating impression of being too small and looking ridiculous.

Though looking to other directions is not categorically wrong, it does have loopholes. A fundamental one is that there is no final goal to approach.  There will always be others – bigger, better, and sort of more. And so, it might be an attractive alternative to freely look around but come back home at the end of the day.

I took this photo in summer 2020 in Zaanse Schans (The Netherlands). You can see the iconic windmills of the town. 



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