A multitude of human impressions pours down on everybody in the course of being. When entering personal space, they are initially neutral in most cases. Yet, the direction they take in the long term strongly depends on individual perception.

Often, it is hard to categorize the ones that we let into our lives as good or bad, whatever that may mean in a personal context. That’s because one either has to judge prematurely or invest some time to look closely enough to form an opinion.

Sometimes, this can take a long time. Only after a lot of observation, it becomes clear that who appeared to be a great company in the first place might not be that impressive anymore after some time has passed. When negative impressions begin to prevail, eventually, the question arises if this is the desired environment.

Nevertheless, allowing others to enter one’s life does not mean that this is an irreversible law. It might take some time until it becomes evident that distancing from those doing more harm than good and setting clear boundaries defends one’s dignity after all.



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