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A brief moment at Amsterdam Centraal (Cuyperspassage)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Cuyperspassage -Stationsplein - Amsterdam - Netherlands - Tunnel - Architecture - Stefanie Pietschmann - A brief moment at Amsterdam Centraal

A brief moment

The monotonously pedaling slowly brings you towards the fancied destination when you cycle your way. Yet, with these practiced processes in this tube, it quickly happens that you get lost in your thoughts for a brief moment.

And although this brief moment often feels like a short eternity, you’re already on the other side before you know it.

I took this photo in the November of 2021. I really liked the lovely contrast of darkness and light. You can see a little tunnel (Cuyperspassage) for pedestrians and bikes that leads from the south to the north side of the train station (Amsterdam Centraal). From there, you can take many different ferries to Amsterdam Noord. Besides, the pedestrian area also has a beautiful maritime wall painting. 



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