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The bumpy road to success (Electra Tower Tel Aviv)

The bumpy road to success (Electra Tower Tel Aviv) Stefanie Pietschmann - electra tower - - skyscraper - architecture - Tel Aviv Israel

The bumpy road to success

Striving for success is an essential part of life. Since it is very motivating, the only thing that seems desirable is becoming better. If you don’t give up, you’ll most likely reach your destination.

Yet, the temptation of becoming overwhelmed by one’s arrogance is already waiting for its turn. Although hard work was needed to grow, the bumpy road to success quickly gets forgotten once you reach the goal. However, pride goes before a fall, and if you lose your down-to-earth attitude, you’ll lose yourself.

By taking yourself too seriously, you ignore that nothing is static. By resting on your laurels, you move away from an essential constructive discourse needed to develop further. Though you might have mastered one thing, you can still stand at the beginning of a different bumpy road to success, just waiting to be mastered.

Electra Tower Tel Aviv

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv from below. This skyscraper is situated at Yigal Alon Street. Being 165 meters high, it also belongs among the highest buildings of the city on the Mediterranean coast. The construction was finished in 2011 and several big companies have their offices in this building.



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