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Feuer | Notruf – fire | emergency

Home is the most intimidate place in modern world. One’s home reflects the personality, taste and history of our life. By designing our own places, we are trying to create a place which fulfils our needs, taste and security – as we lock the door.

We are trying to make it a cozy and comfortable place. When we enter it and close the door after us, we are joining the security area – in which we normally can decide ourselves about rules and changes. Sometimes, we are unable to take over the control, we loose it and have to live with the consequences … However, in those situations we are shocked, helpless and feel like being in a big lake and unable to reach the shore.

I knew how the following place looked and felt, before a charger caused the fire to cleave its way. It was a cozy place, in which one could stay for hours, talking, drinking coffee and meeting with other people. I remembered it being bright and inviting. One always felt like being in a second home.

One day, in 2013, lady fortune missed out her schedule and a cell phone charger caused a big fire in this flat. Shortly after, I was asked if I would like to document the place and the fire’s work with my camera and I agreed immediately.

When I entered the building I was able to smell the left overs of the fire extinguishers immediately. The air was moist and I was barely able to see the stairs, while trying to get up, because the electricity was destroyed.

I entered a completely different place than I had known. It was dark, smelly and hard to breath. I was overwhelmed, when I saw, that the cozy place I knew, became a still life in dark colours and many shades. It felt like time stopped in there.Left overs ...

The atmosphere was silent and quiet and I started to realize that the every day object, which normally wouldn’t catch one’s eye so easily, took over the control of most of the impressions one got. So, they stood there, in the dark, wearing their coat of dirt and carbon black.

The room, the fire started in, seemed completely burned out. It had wholes in it’s ceiling, because it was tried to distinguish from the next upper floor. The window was hand hammered with a wooden board and the only light which filled the room came out of a spotlight which was used in order to find some non-burned items under the floor of black everything. It was hard to breath inside. It was freezing cold and the moist in this room, which seemed to have been flooded with the liquids, went through all of my clothes.

It was a weird feeling taking pictures of other people’s misfortune – and documenting it … I stayed around 4 hours. Until today this is one of the most intensive photography experiences I have done.

Some of the pictures taken, were published in the magazine M.A.U.G in 2014.



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