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Busy at work (Manchester working bee)

Busy at work (Manchester working bee) Stefanie Pietschmann - Manchester - symbol - workers bee - street art -

Busy at work

Setting goals makes it clear what you want to achieve. If you are very lucky, you’re caught up in something you also value. With this in mind, it might feel like nothing can stop you but yourself, despite other irritations.

If the purpose of this journey is appealing enough, things might gradually take shape. While busy at work, it’s easy to get lost in space and time. Minutes become hours, and days become weeks because you value what you are doing. And before you know it, you’ve already reached the finish line.

The working bee of Manchester

I took this photo in August 2022, and you can see a side street of Newton street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This part of the city started to develop in the 18th – up to the mid-18th century because of the industrial revolution’s beginning. Today this area is quite hip and famous for its street art which you can find everywhere.
When visiting Manchester, you will quickly discover that the bee is the city’s symbol because you can find bees everywhere. But why is the bee the symbol of Manchester? Bees are famous for always being super busy at work and good team players. Manchester is known for the industrial revolution and the industry that developed because of that as well as its hard-working inhabitants who built the city.




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