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Busybodies with noisy voices (Architecture in Tel Aviv)

Busybodies with noisy voices (Architecture in Tel Aviv) - Stefanie Pietschmann - architecture tel aviv - high rising - rothschild boulevard

Busybodies with noisy voices

Busybodies have the habit of suddenly sliding into the vision field entirely unabashedly. While you’re still wondering how they actually got there, they’re already trying to draw everyone’s attention to themselves. As there is no intention of relinquishing that status, they pull out all the stops to defend it.

However, quantity does not always mean quality. Yet, when busybodies with noisy voices gain too much power, the picture of reality might quickly become distorted because of the disproportionate attention they attract. Eventually, many will realize that just because somebody screams the loudest doesn’t mean this deserves your full attention.

Modern architecture in the heart of Tel Aviv

In this photo, you can see a high-rise building on Rothschild boulevard corner where it crosses Allenby Street. Rothschild Boulevard is in the heart of Tel Aviv and hosts a lot of special architecture, including the Bauhaus style. The original buildings on this boulevard are all quite flat (2 – 4/5 floors) but in the last years, many high-rise buildings were added. Consequently, the iconic look was partly destroyed. Now, it is not possible to add such new towers in the city center to preserve the special look.



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