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Carefree land (bikes in Amsterdam)

Amsterdam - bikes -Summer - floweser - Stefanie Pietschmann - carefree land

Carefree land

As the last obligation of this day has been fulfilled, the hour is finally striking. I spent the whole day impatiently wishing that the time had already come. Then, with a smile on my face, I quickly pack all my things.

I take the key which I found hidden deep in my pocket, open the lock and pack on the luggage. Finally! While my feet are still looking for their way to the pedals, the tender evening sun warms up my face. Then I start riding away. On the move, it is easy not to think about what else usually is irritating.

A light breeze blows around my face while I am delighted to admire a constantly changing environment. In the shortest time, I see all kinds of things. As beautiful wildflowers in all colors line my path, I slowly start to hear the static noise of the city motorway. A reminder that my excursion to “carefree land” will soon come to an end.

I took this photo in early spring 2021. You can see an example of the many bikes in Amsterdam. Besides, the owner decorated it with a flower bouquet and parked it next to a building in Wijttenbachstraat.



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