The new beginning (Blankenburg, Harz)

The excitement of a new beginning starts circulating but, it may be hard to figure out what you ...

A standstill in snow​ (Blankenburg Harz)

After the snow had covered everything in its white magnificence, I found a standstill in snow​ at Blankenburg (Harz).

Reaching goals in Blankenburg

If you aim for reaching goals, you have to make an effort first. Yet, once you have arrived ...

Common goals (Garage in Germany)

In their nuances and subtleties, all somehow vary from one another. But when longing for common goals, things can change ...

The significance of banality

In everyday life, things often pass by unnoticed. Yet sometimes, the banality can suddenly draw a lot of attention.

A day in autumn

Today is a special day because we can spend it together ...

Modern world’s reality

Today, we demonstrate the events of life everywhere and at any time. But we might miss reality ...


Life has turned upside down and my fear to lose control during this time-out. While we cannot control the uncontrollable ...


Everybody carries a bag of experiences in life. While it fills itself with endless stories, could it be that we tend to sell i

Where I stand

Where I stand is where my world begins and also where its dimensions end. But sometimes the stories we write, fool us. About f

Identity or how to be 

The uncertainty of their course is what makes good stories and in life, we can write what we want to read ...


Having expectations is a tricky thing! Most of the time, we act as we expect with results that are never sufficient enough.


Life is moving and full of vibrancy - there is no forever! We hit the hay if we suspect it will make an exception for us ...

The happiness of prowlers

All of their lives, humans long for acknowledgment and satisfaction. But obstacles put a spoke in the prowler's wheel on their

Grey monotony

Humanity characterizes by its diversity. The destruction of the colors of life makes the world a gray monotony.


We often let us guide by fear. But this can mislead us, and it takes a while until we then can realize that we fell victim to

Broaden one’s mind

The beauty of humans lies in the diversity - wiping out the colors of life, there will be nothing left but a deep hole of dark


There might come a point in life where there is simply nothing left to say ...


We need to develop separation in our heads before we can implement it in real life.


We are surrounded by endless opportunities offering an unsure outcome.

Making progress

Progress equals change and changes demand to give up a cozy seat. When we alter, we shift away from the known...

Undervalued luxury

Some essentials, as we know them today, are a real luxury. Not so long ago, our lives really looked much different!


In today's world, it is often forgotten that there was life before our modern high-speed consumerism and people actually repai

Taking a breath

We are constantly surrounded by distraction and forget, that we can simply take a timeout now and then.

Ode to the kitchen

Not so much time ago our kitchens were the "headquarters" of what is sourced out "to go" today - a place for cooking, eating,

Visiting the past

When you are a kid you would simply like to do the things which the grown-ups do - until the appearance of the disillusionment

Sequestered life

A time-out in loneliness, vastness, and silence might be the answer to find inner peace, but sometimes these beauties hide a b

Left over

Home is the most intimidate place in modern world. One's home reflects the personality, taste and history of our lif


Abschlussarbeit, Bachelor, Dokumentation, Stress, Zeit, Arbeit, Arbeiten, Kaffee, Bremen, Deutschland, Essen, Alkoho


Norm, Gesicht, Muster, Schwert, Glas, Gläser, durchsichtig, grün, Küche, Trinken, Getränke, Bremen


Bremen has always been a city of trade. There have always been duties which had to be paid for trading national or i


Bremen, Winter, Werdersee, Weser, Schnee, Eis, Januar, Sonne, Wasser, Steg, See, Fluss, gefrohren,


Hannover, Ihmezentrum, Ihme Zentrum, Vergessen, Architektur, Radikalismus, 70er Jahre, Renovieren, Zerfall, Investor