A retreat provides the opportunity to withdraw from the outside world - a place to calm down ...

Coming home

I take the last steps full of excitement because I am so close to my goal of finally coming home ...

Locked down

It is hard to be patient when there is no change in prospect. When locked down, every day looks the same. But the satisfying t


Life has turned upside down and my fear to lose control during this time-out. While we cannot control the uncontrollable ...

Where I stand

Where I stand is where my world begins and also where its dimensions end. But sometimes the stories we write, fool us. About f


Customs establish orders and though they become a convenience. When convincing voices fall silent, the convention’s content


Illusion: There is high confidence about the correct perception out there but sparkles blind and we bear the risk that reality

Undervalued luxury

Some essentials, as we know them today, are a real luxury. Not so long ago, our lives really looked much different!

Taking a breath

We are constantly surrounded by distraction and forget, that we can simply take a timeout now and then.

Ode to the kitchen

Not so much time ago our kitchens were the "headquarters" of what is sourced out "to go" today - a place for cooking, eating,


Abschlussarbeit, Bachelor, Dokumentation, Stress, Zeit, Arbeit, Arbeiten, Kaffee, Bremen, Deutschland, Essen, Alkoho


Israel, Kibbuz, Magal, Baum, verflochten, Landwirtschaft, verwildert, Natur, Bäume, Wurzel, Wurzeln, Baumwurzel, in


Norm, Gesicht, Muster, Schwert, Glas, Gläser, durchsichtig, grün, Küche, Trinken, Getränke, Bremen


Bremen has always been a city of trade. There have always been duties which had to be paid for trading national or i