Urban space

Breaking boundaries at the Givatayim Observatory

We are living with social norms but at times breaking the boundaries will be ...

Excessive demands at the Capitol in Rome

Sometimes everything piles up on top of each other. Excessive demands make life pretty difficult ...

The play of life’s colors (sunset over Amsterdam)

With different looks, perceptions, and charisma, we all rump around in this playground called earth ...

Tunnel vision

Some stories cause thoughts to follow a tunnel vision but this is not always helpful ...


At times, keeping cool is hard. Yet, memorable moments of joy are always crossing ways ...

Trapped inside

The monotony of these days causes the feeling of being trapped. Yet, there will be brighter times to come and if ...

The dreamer

When a dreamer starts to see paradise with opened eyes, dreams transform into reality ...

Like a hot summer day

When the sun burns down on the earth, it forces everything else to adapt.

Wave of time

It is a difficult task to find a suitable lane when riding on the wave of time because it turns out harder to really find ...

The joy of living together

Diversity is what we have in common, and though we admire it one the one hand, it also causes living together to be a noble ar

The storm’s laws

Life comes and goes in waves, and so the highs are followed by downs. Though they might appear very threatening ...


It is quite loud these days. But how can we make sure that we do not drown in the overflow of noise?


When life transforms, it is easy to get lost in thoughts but we need to find the courage becoming our own master


Having expectations is a tricky thing! Most of the time, we act as we expect with results that are never sufficient enough.


Life is moving and full of vibrancy - there is no forever! We hit the hay if we suspect it will make an exception for us ...


Yielding to the temptation of devotion might save us from the trap waiting behind the attractive camouflage. Enticement's spar


The natural order of things is convincing, the intervention of the human species does not always provide us with a logical out


All of us are affected by the things thwarted on our way, but the art lies in ...


There might be no other reason than the silent hope for a brighter future to continue life even in the darkest times.


We often let us guide by fear. But this can mislead us, and it takes a while until we then can realize that we fell victim to

When reason can’t win

Mind and heart form an exciting but complicated co-existence but the truth is ...

Floating with the others

One might come to the assumption that there is nothing more important in life than differentiate from the others, but ...

Prized possession

We are hoarding our private treasures in our private spaces so they can silently get dusty in private ...

Broaden one’s mind

The beauty of humans lies in the diversity - wiping out the colors of life, there will be nothing left but a deep hole of dark


Living without obligations is not enough in today's world. We need to accomplish something somewhere all the time ...


There might come a point in life where there is simply nothing left to say ...

The other side

There are places which polarize with their catchy look and static design .


We need to develop separation in our heads before we can implement it in real life.


We are surrounded by endless opportunities offering an unsure outcome.


The modern human's affection of contemporary life.

Big city life

This contemporary catalyst for seeming progress grows endlessly within an endless space.


We want to differentiate what we think is achievable - the "ideal life."


We can only disprove the impossible if we make the effort to overcome the fears of failure.


It does not take too much effort to change discomfort.


Defending your territory.


Trying to find balance.


When there is no escape.

The weaker self

There lives a little nasty monster on our backs. It is sneaky, artful and convincing.

Facade engineering

We invest a lot in our appearance but the neatest facade will also crumble.


When simplicity generates sophistication.


The way we design our surrounding has been a reflection of how we live ever since.


"Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much but to be understood."


When you plan the unreachable there will be always the ones telling you to give up.


When urban space is noticed to be designable.


Focussing on personal renewal needs a lot of yearning.

Urban lifestyle

The modern human lives a life in a saturated periphery ...


For most of us, possessions are indispensable.

Give it a try

Sometimes the Sky brightens and the gray, dark and dirty facade break up


Even the best attempt to block can end with a glimpse of what is kept.


There are always those aiming high.


There comes the point one cannot stop the march of time.

The other side

We all live with fears, but we forget that facing what frightens us will give us a new perspective and path.


When brutalism dates a hive.

Being human

We are privileged to design our surrounding and ourselves. But privileges never come alone ...

Finding your place

The bench, a place designed to serve its clients. A public place which simply cannot help if the one that found it before you

The modern way of life

Gigantic towers manifest by concrete, steel, and glass which are assumed to be modern, future-oriented and pioneering.

And what about you?

While I am working on the preparation for my new photography project about happiness, I am still in need of your help!

A glimpse

Sometimes one can find a glimpse of inspiration in the beauty of no man's land.

The three brothers

Once upon a time there was the birth of three brothers in Tel Aviv.

A reminder

Monuments: The human attempt to commemorate, remember and warn.

An empty seat

We need to live with the fact that the empty place we all have will eventually stay vacant for the rest of our lives.

Who we are

How we behave is who we are.


In today's world, it is often forgotten that there was life before our modern high-speed consumerism and people actually repai

The dilemma of choice

The right of selection also brings the duty of decision.


Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact on how we perceive our surrounding.

The concealment

"There is hiding even under the concealment."


Words ...

The storyteller

There is no place without a story to tell - but only sometimes we are privileged enough to catch a glimpse of it.

Walking on Shalame

Shalame Road is loud, hectic and exhausting - but once a week even this street is taking a day off.

Happy new year!!!

I am wishing you all a happy new year and thank you all for your support and a great 2016!


Sometimes, a smile is worth a thousand words!

Travelling back in time

In former times, it was very complicated, expensive or impossible to perform non-verbal communication. The invention


Most of the big cities have a lot in common and function similar, poorer areas for instance. They are defined by the

Left over

Home is the most intimidate place in modern world. One's home reflects the personality, taste and history of our lif


Today, I was supposed to meet two participants for Urban Diversity. After I visited the first participant who live m


Some time ago I found this spot which is situated in the Florentine neighbourhood (Tel Aviv) and very close to Jaffo


I found this building in Jaffo (Tel Aviv) some time ago while I was walking with a friend. We were talking about it


I have been often visiting Habima Theatre (Tel Aviv). To be honest I have never been inside and I am actually more i


There are some places I go again and again. Sometimes it takes me some time until I get the needed feeling for a pla


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