The liberation of change

Change is vivid; change is exciting; change can be overwhelming. When life transforms, it is easy to get lost in thoughts. As time goes by, they become patterns and slowly but steadily, part of who the “I” thinks to be. Thus, not only life changes but our personality and perception do as well – creating a new reality.

That is extraordinarily challenging. Nobody can secure that the paths we choose in life are not just appealing but also appropriate. Sometimes, this pulls the rug out from under our feet. It leaves us with a feeling of helplessness, isolation, and struggle. Falling into a black hole and losing countenance. Sooner or later, we get carried away.  

The temptation to find an escape for that suggests itself. We are clinging to what we believe is the only thing left: The past – a reminder of how we had seen substantiality. So we glorify it since, in contrast to the now and the future, we at least know what we had. But truth becomes distorted over time, and this makes us believe in a reality that never really existed. One that does not base on our well being. Otherwise, we would not have decided in favor of a change. A reality that is somewhat based on others than on us. 

But when making decisions, we take responsibility for nobody but ourselves. It is better to sacrifice than to be sacrificed. Accordingly, we should take matters in our hands. A phrase that everybody loves to chatter, but it is easier said than done. We believe to not depend on whatever else forms our reality but us – but often, we do not act like that. By this means, we get across a screwed way of life and exemplify an ideal that we will always fail to live. Eventually, we permit this to dictate how we can experience joy. 

We will never manage to break through this disillusioning vicious circle if we don’t find the courage to become our own master. We cannot blame anyone else for the world we are in or for whom we allowed entering but us. And as hard this central recognition might be, the more liberating the moment of freeing will become. 




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