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A clear view at the construction site (Tel Aviv)

A clear view at the construction site (Tel Aviv) - Stefanie Pietschmann - -modernarchitecture -construction-highrisetowers-Telaviv-Israel

A clear view

Though you don’t enjoy seeing them, some things aggressively push themselves into your field of view. As they settle into their place, it is up to you how you want to deal with them. However, choosing between different options does not make it easier to handle the situation – the greater the choice, the more the effort!

The option of ignoring only works for a short time and, unfortunately, never loses its bitter aftertaste. Fearing confrontation with whatever strikes your field of view too much constantly makes you a victim of your fear.

However, if you don’t want to torment yourself forever, you have little choice but to accept the facts because only this way you may find a path to a clear view again.

Construction Site in Tel Aviv

In this photo, you can see the construction site of a high-rise building in Tel Aviv at HaMasger Street on a beautiful day with an almost clear sky. In this area of the white city, many towers and high-rise flats were built in the last couple of years. Many of them host offices and companies while a few also offer high-priced housing possibilities.



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