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A clear view at Flevopark (Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Nieuwe Diep - Amsterdam oost - Flevopark - Clear view - houseboat.jpg

A clear view

You quickly get used to what you see every day. Therefore, the view sooner or later becomes blurry, hiding all new differences. Yet, if the changes only stand out strong enough, they suddenly become apparent.

Right now, there is such a moment. The missing green splendor of summer provides a clear view of the usually hidden small uniqueness this magical place offers.

I took this photo in Amsterdam’s Flevopark. You can see part of it in Winter which makes it possible to also see the normally quite hidden houseboat. 

This beautiful park is in the east of Amsterdam and you mostly won’t find many tourists there like in the famous Vondelpark. 

Since this park is in the east of the city, it is very close to many different waterways. In this photo, you can see a typical houseboat on the lake “Nieuwe Diep” that directly borders the park. 



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