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When darkness claims superiority, the rise of light appears to be unattainable: Each day a feat of strength, a fight, an accumulation of fright. Each day … from scratch.

While we let the slimy monster pave its way day by day, the brightness becomes more and more overshadowed … until we wake up one day and cannot find it anymore – it disappeared.

Floating on the vibe of insignificant, the monster which each of us owns, makes us think that our new place in life is better and save for us to stay. While it grows in size, it grows in power, and its influence leaves us behind helpless, clueless and desolate … we start losing control.

After the monster raged over us, it leaves us back as a barren black desert. The bleak part of our mind is an awful place: It makes us want to believe that there is no hope, no future, no reason to be. Unfortunately, some of us will be kept to a greater or lesser extent by the power they handed over to the darkness.

The marvel of life persists of the fact that eventually there is a chance of making wasteland seminal again. A possibility of liberating from the bonds that peculate joy.




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