People tend to express their idea of life by the way they design their surroundings. That makes sense as it reflects their belief. However, humans often have the contemplation that the one who can show the biggest teeth must be the one that receives the prey. Many times, there is no doubt that this must be the chosen one.

While we believe that our perception of reality is the genuine truth, we forget that its depiction is always depending on the point from which we look at it. Surely, there might exist many reasons to agree with the contemplation that the stronger wins. Yet, the dark side is seldom missing when there is luminance. And so it comes that weaker voices rather stay unheard.

One can question fairness, humanity, and the understanding of cohabitation of modern contemplation. Is it justified to become the ruler not because you have the best arguments but the most significant force? And does compassion be a granted reason to gain power?

Consequently, we will be well-advised to invest some more time in making up our minds before we stand up for a particular contemplation.






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