Many aspects characterize us as being human. One of them is our ability of consciousness. Being aware, we can reflect on our personalities and, consequently, also our lives. Many times, this also includes that we know how to cover up.

Many layers of different lights and shades define who we are. And while we cannot change some of them, others are highly adjustable. Some of us use this cover for their benefit. And in contrast, others invest a lot of energy to hide the quake that is brewing underneath – just trying to survive.

Too often, we forget that this shell can only be as durable as its subjacent level allows. The fact that we do not attribute the base – our foundation – often enough turns out being negligence in the moments that we need it the least.

Accordingly, we are working hard on hiding the truth until the rug is pulled out from under our feed. When we let the situation get down to that, our cover breaks into pieces. In an instant, we are more vulnerable than ever. And instead of sitting in front of the pile of broken fragments we owe ourselves, we could have soothed things if we had invested a little more time in us in the first place.





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