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Daring the impossible (winter in Germany)

Stefanie Pietschmann - winter photography - snow in the Harz mountains - winter in Germany - Blankenburg - Daring the impossible winter in Germany

Daring the impossible

One of life’s most important lessons is to understand that you do not live it for others. Though there is always someone to tell you what to do, it is relatively irrelevant whether this is what you wish for yourself. For many, judging the lives of others is more manageable than thinking about their own. In most cases, it is a projection of their ideals and fears onto you.

Hence, daring the impossible offers the chance to face risks and fears you can grow from. It’s a sense of achievement regardless of whether the results correspond to the initial expectations. If you don’t even dare something because others say it is doomed to fail, you’ve given up before you’ve even tried. To a certain extent, this also means giving up your life.

No one said it would be easy to prevail against opposing signs when daring the impossible. Still, it is vital to trust in what you believe is right for you because that’s the only way to grow. Yet, you only know if something works if you’ve tried it. Though there will always be people telling you how to live, it is not them but you who bear the consequences of listening to them in the end.

Winter in the Harz mountains 

I took this photo in December 2021 in my hometown Blankenburg (Harz), Germany. Due to the cold temperatures (-15°C), everything was frozen. In this photo, you can see the “Schlossteich” (Castle pond) that belongs to the Blankenburg Castle

The Harz mountains are very popular with tourists all year. While you can always see many hikers during the year, it is also possible to do winter sports when there is snow in the cold season of the year. 



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