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The dark time of the year in Amsterdam

Darf time of the year - Street - Amsterdam - Winter - Snow - Stefanie Pietschmann -

The dark time of the year

In the dark time of the year, not much seems to be left. The meager it looks at the outside, the harder it becomes to keep high spirits inside. As everything is running on low energy, one is grateful for any distraction.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many eyes start to shine once the first flakes begin to fall. The beauty and tranquility of the freshly fallen snow is a magical attraction, and despite adverse conditions, it teases many out of their homes.

As a bright highlight finally makes its way in the dark time of the year, people romp around. They enjoy a slight change in the gray winter life until their feet have turned into ice lumps, and they can barely feel their fingers anymore.

I took this photo in January 2021 in Amsterdam Oost. You can see the snowy Grensstraat typical Dutch houses. Besides, many other people make their way through this urban winter landscape.



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