Decision making

Sometimes, I get lost in the crowd of reality. And so it is bound to happen that I find myself in a busy place. A spot so full of motion that I lose track quicker than I can think.

A tangle of branches to the left. Some to the right and even more of them striking out in infinite new directions. Indignantly, I stand rooted to the ground. Being aware that there is no place to go back. Past has found its own end long before I realized.

The assumption that something will help me find my way, makes me try to find a successful outcome. I need this promising speculation. Deep confidence. The belief that there are true colors only waiting for me to reveal them. The belief that succumbing to the fear of the next step might be the cause of separation from myself. An unforgivable betrayal.

I strike out on my own – finding answers to reach a decision.




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