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The demand for attention (architecture in Givatayim)

The demand for attention (architecture in Givatayim) - Stefanie Pietschmann - Givatayim - architecture Israel - high rise towers - the demand for attention

The demand for attention

Some like to make the impression that their impact is more significant than it actually is. Therefore, they use every available moment to clarify who is in charge. They desperately try to stand up because deep within, they believe that everything is a competition.

However, the pure demand for attention does not mean it is also justified.
Nor does asserting superiority mean that the other side cannot assert itself. Yet, when teasing becomes part of everyday life, it might be better to simply walk away.


Architecture in Givatayim

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see two high rising flats in the city of Givatayim (Israel). These two modern architectural towers were built in the last 20 years and represent a huge trend that arose globally because of the growing demand for housing opportunities. As the living space is limited, the new architecture becomes taller and taller like here in Givatayim.



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