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A different perspective (Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv)

A different perspective (Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv)- Stefanie Pietschmann - High rising modern architecture - Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

A different perspective

People often assume that what you see is all that can be seen. However, forgetting that only what is in your field of vision is noticeable is relatively easy because you quickly get used to things. Once you get too comfortable with one perspective, it often is challenging for others to make themselves seen.

Life is good in the comfort zone but quickly becomes monotonous without much variety. Yet, sometimes it doesn’t even take that much effort to add a bit of variety to life: You can simply take a step to the side to see a different perspective.


Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard

I took this photo in September 2022. You can see modern high-rise buildings with very old ficus trees at Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Rothschild Boulevard (Hebr. שדרות רוטשילד) is one of the principal streets and one of the oldest streets of the city. On this Boulevard, you can find many Bauhaus buildings and those in the international style. In the last 20 years, many high-rise buildings were built and over time changed the way the boulevard looked. Besides, there is much history to learn about as well. The Boulevard starts in the quarter of Neve Tzedek and leads until the HaBima Theatre. There are many restaurants, playgrounds, as well as sitting opportunities. Also, as you can see in this photo, many giant ficus trees exist. Their fruits serve as a food source for the many birds and bats that live in the city.



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