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Distraction (architecture in Amsterdam)

Distraction - Architecture Netherlands - Amsterdam - Stefaniue Pietschmann - - housing


It is easy to get trapped in your thoughts when moving along in your daily routine. As days go by, you don’t even realize how much you’re stuck in your haze – an aging story lacking variety.

Yet, it often doesn’t take that much to take a break from this cycle. By leaving the tunnel vision behind you for a moment, your eyes may wander. And if you are lucky, little elements of surprise unexpectedly cross the way and reward you with much-needed distraction.

I took this photo in February 2021. You can see classical Dutch architecture in Amsterdam’s city center on a beautiful winter day. Also, you can see the traditional hooks close to the roof that you can see on many houses all over the Netherlands. It is possible to see them in use on a regular basis. People still use them to lift heavy furniture because these houses’ stairs are often too steep and small. 



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