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Down into the rabbit hole (Bradford’s Lister park)

Down into the rabbit hole Bradford's Listerpark - Stefanie Pietschmann - Leaving the rabbithole - Bradford - UK -park

Down into the rabbit hole

Though we love to devote things that interest us, such plans are often thwarted because something serious to handle suddenly pops up. However, the impact of this distraction only becomes apparent when the rose-colored glasses slowly lose their shiny colors. You must immerse yourself in a new world to deal with the issue. Before you know it, you are straight on your way down into the rabbit hole.

Once you have arrived, there is nothing else left to focus on except finding a solution. Yet, in this place, thoughts go in circles, not leading to any result. While feelings of helplessness and optimism alternate, it is often difficult to notice how much you’ve worked straight down into the rabbit hole. However, if you realize that you may have gotten too caught up, it might be the time to lift your head and look for the exit of the rabbit hole.

Bradford’s Lister park

I took this photo in August 2022. You can see a part of the little forest in Bradford’s Lister park (West Yorkshire, UK). This park is one of the largest in the city. In recent years the park saw many renovations. It now also has a water garden, tennis and basketball courts, bowling greens, and a children’s playground. There is also an art gallery in this park. Besides, Lister park was voted Britain’s Best Park in 2006.



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