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Eternity (Narcissuses in Amstelpark)

Narcissuses in Amstelpark - Stefanie Pietschmann - Amstel Park - Amsterdam - Flowers - Nature - Easter - green - yellow


There are these little and beautiful encounters in life that sparkle with their charm. While they cast their spell on you, the temptation of clinging to them grows.

Yet, the magic of these special moments truly only comes because of their transience. It is good to remember this once in a while because otherwise, it is easy to miss these beautiful encounters while trying hard to stick on them for eternity.

You can see Narcissuses in  Amsterdam’s Amstelpark in this photo.  I took this photo in spring 2021 on the first really hot day of the season. People were all over the city because the long winter had made them long for sun and being outside. 



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